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Sting Free Relief For Dry Eyes

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I never had a problem with my eyes until I hit the magic age of 40. It was then that the small print got really small and it was time for reading glasses. In the last few weeks though, my eyes have been killing me and I thought I was going blind. I looked up the symptoms I was having on the internet and they all pointed to dry eyes. This makes sense since it is winter and the heat has been running constantly in the house for months. I wanted to aviod an expensive trip to the eye doctor so I decided I would try some over the counter help first. I had a coupon for Similasan Dry eye releif drops and decided to give them a try. I like the fact that it is sting free and also homeopathic. The first time I tierd it I got almost immidiate relief that lastest a few hours. It took away the feeling of grit I was having, burning. and blurred vision. I had to reaply again a few hours later and once again, my eyes felt so much better. I began using it about every 4 hours through out the day and ever since my eyes have been felling great with very little irratation and symptoms returning in between uses. I love it and will always keep a bottle of it on hand.

Update On Feb 27, 2010: I have tried a few other products to lubricate my eyes to see if any of them work better than this one but so far this is still the best relief for my dry eyes.