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Stingray Gets Your Boat Up On Plane Fast!

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The Stingray Hydrofoil Stabilizer is a product you install on your motor's lower unit, above the prop. It's similar to a fin. It is used to help stabilize your boat, get you up on plane quicker, and aids in fuel efficiency.

We own a large fishing/recreation Aquasport boat. We were having issues with porpoising and drag. We decided to install a StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer to help alleviate some of this.

On our first test run with the device installed we found our boat jumped on plane a lot quicker. We had been experiencing a lot of drag, or sluggishness, when we wanted to get up on plane. The problem was eliminated immediately and has not existed since we installed the StingRay.

We've noticed a vast improvement in towing also. We have a Big Bertha tube we like to tow around on the water. The StingRay has decreased the amount of wake our boat produces and effectively makes riding and manipulating the tube a lot more fun.

Our fuel consumption has improved. However, I can't give you an exact amount because we had changed our power head at the same time as the StingRay's installation. Previous to the power head exchange we were achieving about 2.5 miles per gallon. We are getting over 3.5 miles per gallon now. If I had to guess, I would attribute most of the improvement to the power head. However, research stats from StingRay claims the unit will help users achieve up to a 40% improvement.

What we wanted to accomplish with the StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer was getting up on plane faster. It does this beautifully. Though we do still experience some porpoising, it's nothing like it was in the past. We can virtually eliminate it by adjusting the trim. However, what's a boat ride without a little bounce?

If you're having plane issues, I suggest you try the StingRay Hydrofoil Stabilizer. Everything else it delivers is a bonus.