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Stone Roses Serve Amazing Mix

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By robatticus on
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The Stone Roses' self-titled debut CD (released in 1989) is a great mix of different styles and sounds. Dance-like beats mixed with smooth bass lines and calming guitar and vocal lines.

I was first turned onto this CD after hearing a cover of "She Bangs the Drums" in Guitar Hero 3. There was something catchy and calming about the bright guitar lines in that song and upbeat vocal line. I decided to check out other work by the Stone Roses to see if its something that I would like, and I was pleasantly surprised.

A lot of their work reminds me of the Doors in some ways, when Jim Morrison wasn't being too poetic and they wrote upbeat rock songs ('Light My Fire' and 'The Changeling' come to mind). The drums and bass are simply infectious and will make you want to dance and move along to the music. Besides 'She Bangs the Drums, ' the CD has other top quality songs like 'Waterfall' -- another calm vocal line mixed with colorful guitar chords and grounded in solid beats -- and 'Fool's Gold' -- a dance beat opus that makes you want to move to the beat as the extended instrumental section really gets you going.

This is one my favorite CDs as of late, and I think it will be a constant staple in my Zune playlists.