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Stone Temple Pilots Make A Comeback!

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By momijw on
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I have been a Stone Temple Pilots fan since I was in high school and I will continue to be a fan until as long as they keep making music. Their new self titled album is just as amazing as the first album I heard from them and their lyrics still keep me astonished and wondering what they might mean. The music itself is hypnotizing to me and Scott Weiland's voice is one of a kind, just as are the lyrics. To me, the words used in the songs are poetry and everyone loves a good meaningful poem!

When I first bought the album I found myself picking up the words to the songs quickly, as if they had some special meaning to me. I think that's why they have such a following of fans, everyone that listens to their lyrics feels that those lyrics might apply to them in some way that even they might not understand. We all know that the lead singer Scott Weiland has had a problem with drugs, as well as problems with wives and fellow band mates. We all feel so close to those problems, having had some of those same problems ourselves, or at least been particularly close to those problems in some way. I think that when we as people see these famous singers having problems themselves, it makes understand them and feel closer to them on a deeper level than before. We see that they are people just like us and they can have problems that can be worked out in the end. We see that they are not immune to everyday life, just as we are not.

The music on this album is just as good as ever, proving that the band's skills have only sharpened over the years. The guitars, the drums, and the vocals are finely tuned and as quirky as ever, making us all realize that a band can stay together throughout the years and the hardships and can stay just as creative as well. As a writer, I love words, and therefor I love the way a band can use lyrics to send a message or a feeling out to the world. That is the main reason I love The Stone Temple Pilots new album, their lyrics still have so much meaning and send out a message to the world, that message being that they are not going away anytime soon!