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Stoneware Bar Cooking Pan

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rogue34 By rogue34 on
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I've owned a Stoneware Pizza Pan for sometime, so I was already familiar with the benefits of stoneware, such as the equal distribution of heat and the little possibilty for burning food. When I saw this small bar pan, I knew I had to have it. The small bar pan fits into most toaster ovens so it's perfect for cooking just a small bit of food. For example, if you want to make a few cookies just for yourself or maybe one other person (if you are feeling generous) this pan is great. This pan will fit about six rounded teaspoons of cookie dough. Or for heating up a couple of pieces of garlic bread or other small appetizers. Since I have owned this pan, I have not used the pan that was included with my toaster oven. If you are going to burn something on this pan, it's going to be the top of whatever you are cooking. It's virtually impossible to burn the bottom of your dish. Clean up is easy as all you need to do is run the pan under hot water and scrape off any leftover crumbs. You do need to season this pan during the first few uses. To season, you just need to cook a higher fat food like refrigerated cookie dough to make clean up easier.

Eventually, the pan will begin to look "dirty" since you do not use soap to clean it. It starts looking like older regular cookware that has stains. You don't use soap to clean it, so that could be a con for some people. I use it only for myself, so it does not bother me. You have to be very careful removing this pan from the oven. With the even distribution of heat, the pan is very hot all the way to the edges. It does take a while to cool down. This could be an advantage if you want to begin cooking something on it right away.

I really enjoy this pan since it fits in my toaster oven. I can cook just a little bit without heating up my large oven and using that much more energy.