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Stop Squinting!

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Thousands of miles away, my mother sat in Glasgow Scotland with her eyes squinted while she tried to make out the cubelike, shadow images that were eminating from her computer screen. Here, I sat in front of my computer, dressed in my finest robe (you could only see my head), stunningly applied make up (I had to look my best for my mum) and was grinning and chatting into a little orb that sat procariously atop my computer monitor. Wow, this is awesome... technology at its finest....

Several years ago when webcams were not factory installed in ones computer, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to communicate with my family back home with images - plus it would be free chatting online, no more HUGE phone bills - I'm smart, eh?

My incredible hubby decided that, for my birthday, he would give me the gift of a webcam!

Upon looking around at all the brands with all the bells and whistles, I came across this Logitech QuickCam Pro. It was affordable but not cheap, so I knew it would be good, and came equipped with a nice software bundle that would allow me to conduct netmeetings, play reality fusion games and last, but not least, install this gadget onto my computer!

Installation was a breeze and soon I was making video emails to my hearts content, not to mention inviting my mum for a wee afternoon chat online.

The quality (for the time) was decent, but at todays standards extremely poor. The sound and picture never quite synched making my videos appear somewhat like a Japanese movie (the one where they talk for 5 minutes and the "voice over" guy says "hello"...?). The picture in picture screen set up meant that I spent half my time looking at myself instead of my mums image - just to see what she was seeing.... okay, odd, but that's just me okay?

I loved to put the webcam in my livingroom and shoot footage of my son - who was an infant at the time - then run the footage through my movie making software to cut it into a short clip, just large enough to be interesting but small enough to email - I have HOURS of video still stored on my computer thanks to this webcam! The problem with this was however, that the cables were rather short and, although very easy to extend thanks to adapters and cables, the image quality decreased as the cables extended.

As far as a recommendation...

Logitech is a great brand and offers a large selection of good quality webcams, you have to bear in mind that this one was bought many years ago and by now, is defunct! I would suggest that should you find one of these older versions at a thrift store, you purchase it as, although nothing close to the newer cams, this will meet all your needs and will last for years!

Stop squinting and just be grateful that I typed this and didn't post a review via my webcam :-) Although I DID wear my best make-up for this :-)

The photo I have attached is a still shot from a webcam video I took some years ago, just to show you the quality of the images :-)