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Stop The Pain

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I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my lower back. Can you say OUCH?! I needed something for pain relief but I'm not a big fan of taking pain medications. Of course the alternative to taking internal medications is using something externally on the skin. This only makes me think of the stinky, smelly, greasy creams you apply with your hands. Tried them ~ I don't like them!

I decided to visit the health food store to see if I could find something more natural and less stinky. The lady at the store directed me to this fantastic spray called "Stopain". It's an extra strength topical analgesic spray with glucosamine, msm, boswell, eucalyptus and peppermint oils, and menthol as the ingredients.

Still skeptical, I bought the smallest size available to try. She told me to just spray the area where I wanted pain relief. That's it, no rubbing, no getting my hands all greasy with that stinky cream.

I paid the lady and rushed home to try it. I simply sprayed it onto my lower back and waited a minute for it to dry. I was afraid it was going to have that strong smell, but honestly it wasn't half bad. I felt the warmth of the spray immediately. The scent (menthol) lasted for a few mintues but the pain relief lasted for hours.

I would highly recommend this product for you if you want a quick pain reliever. Just remember that you can only apply this on the skin up to 4 times a day. Do not bandage the area you spray. The label says it is for adults and children over the age of 12. If you want to use this on children younger than 12, you should contact your doctor first. Also another important warning to pregnant or breastfeeding moms, check with your doctor to see if you can use this product.

The size I bought was perfect. I like to carry one bottle in my purse ~ just in case I need to use it during the day while I am working.