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Stop The Snoring, I Need Sleep!!!!

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alice By alice on
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If I'm not asleep before my husband is the snoring can keep me up for hours if not all night. I finally asked my doctor at my last physical if she would prescribe something to help me sleep.

I have tried Tylenol PM, Melatonin and everything I drink is caffeine free. I've tried pinching his nose shut, telling him to turn over and sleep on his side, getting him the nasal strips, but nothing really seemed to help me get a good 8 hours sleep. I would be tired in the morning, grumpy and falling asleep at my desk in the afternoon.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Ambien or the generic Zolpidem, 10mg., with strict instructions to be sure and take this with at least 8 to 10 hours to sleep. When I saw how little this pill was I thought, yeah right, this is going to make me sleep for 8 hours!

Well, I can tell you it works miracles. I am asleep in less than half an hour and don't wake up or hear a thing until the following morning. I have read all the side effects and warnings on the printout from the pharmacy and on the internet. I've heard and read some weird stories from other people who have taken this drug. The way I look at it is with every prescription medication you are taking a risk of some kind. There are warnings on everything you take, even over the counter medication.

It was my decision that it would be more of a risk to my health not sleeping. My worst nightmare would be to fall asleep behind the wheel of my car. So I take this with precaution, make sure I am able to sleep the full amount of time and know everything I cannot do or take when I take this medication.

I have used this for a year without any problems. I would warn everyone to follow all the directions and warnings when using this. I go in for my next physical in a few weeks and I will be talking to my doctor again on using this drug or if there are any other options out there for me.