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Stop Your Dog's Chewing With Bitter Yuck

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Anyone who has ever had a puppy knows that puppies chew, and some dogs continue to chew well into adulthood, and not just on their chew-toys. I have a large 3-year-old dog, and a small senior dog, who both chew, but for different reasons, and I found Bitter YUCK to be the best chew-control product around.

My younger dog is an Akita. As a 30 pound 3 month old, she started chewing on the furniture. I tried vinegar, lime juice, lemon juice, and Bitter Apple spray, all with no success. She eventually slowed her chewing habit, after I replaced the stair railing and part of a wall, but still chews enough that I won't be getting new tables or chairs anytime soon.

My senior dog is a Bichon who is around 12 years old. I got him from a rescue organization when he was 5. He didn't start chewing until this summer, when he developed "hot spots" on his hind legs. I treated them with hydrocortisone (and prednisone, prescribed by the vet), but I couldn't keep him from licking it off so he could chew some more. My sister, who has a chewing Schnauzer, suggested I try Bitter Yuck.

I found it at PetsMart, and was relieved that it was under $10, promised to be "no sting" so that I could use it on my little dog, and that it was safe for pets, fabrics, any surface, and children. The "yuck" ingredient is rosemary. I use rosemary in cooking, and didn't consider that it might be "yucky, " but I accidentally got a bit of Bitter YUCK spray in my mouth, and it is both bitter and yucky, and it took me almost three hours to get that vile taste out of my mouth.

Applying it to my coffee table legs stopped my Akita's attempts to turn them into toothpicks immediately. One tongue-touch, and she needed no more clues. My Bichon was a harder case. He didn't appreciate having something sprayed onto his leg, and he really tried to lick it off. The faces he made in that attempt were video-worthy, but ultimately even he found the "yuckiness" too much, and quit chewing on his legs. They are almost furry again.

This is absolutely the best no-chew product I've ever tried. If it worked with my Bichon, it will work with any dog, and at $8.99 for 8 ounces, it really is a bargain. I would recommend it to anyone with a problem-chewer, and to anyone planning to get a puppy. Just don't get any into your mouth.