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Storage Boxes For Organizing Your Life

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I've always been very interested in photography and am the one always carrying a camera at family gatherings. My first job was at a photography shop when I was 17, so this has been something I've loved for many years.

Because I began so early, I have collected thousands of photographs over the years. I've tried putting my favorites in albums and storing the rest in large tubs or boxes. This works fine if I'm not looking for something specific. But it never fails that every few weeks, I try to find a particular picture and the hunt begins.

While visiting relatives, I noticed that one had a box that had great organization to it. She had everything filed by category and all in one box. I was very impressed until I realized that she doesn't have a fraction of the number of pictures that I have. So, I made a resolution to sort out the mess I have collected for so long.

After searching online for some kind of organization that would both work and be affordable, I was discouraged. While visiting Hobby Lobby one day, I came across these boxes and realized they'd work. Even better, they were on sale for half price.

I wanted to break down all my pictures into categories. Originally, I wanted to organize each box by family, then break it down into individuals. Great idea, but one that I'd never live long enough to finish.

The boxes come with dividers. My only complaint is that the dividers aren't as tall as the box. They need to be taller so they can be easily seen. But, I was able to work with them.

The boxes are divided into categories, such as my parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, vacations, news clippings and other miscellaneous categories. It seemed like an easy task, but the number of pictures was overwhelming. I threw away a huge number of pictures and still was overwhelmed.

This project took me nearly a year to finish. Okay, that's a lie; it's not really finished. But, it is done to the point where I could finally move the boxes off the table and into my office. Whenever I clear out a space in the closet, I will stack them just two or 3 high along the shelf so they can easily be pulled out. There is a slot on each end to identify the contents.

The boxes are great for pictures or other items. They'll hold up to a 5 x 7 picture. They aren't designed for photos specifically, so you can use your imagination. For the price of the boxes, you can organize a lot of things. The boxes come in many other colors and designs than the ones I show here. They are cardboard, but well constructed with a lid that sits on top.

I'm a long way from being as organized as I want to be, but at least now I know which room to start looking in.