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Storm Front: Dresden Files

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Storm Front: Book One of the Dresden Files

By Jim Butcher

I am a bibliophile. Really. I read about one to two books a day, mostly fantasy, romance, and mystery. I started reading fantasy and sci-fi at the young age of ten. I was absolutely enamored of Andre Norton, and Isaac Asimov. I read "I Robot" several times.

One of my favorite cross-genres is fantasy and mystery. And I particularly like anyone who can use a noir detective voice in an unusual way. Of course, I picked up this book, Storm Front, to be entertained. Also, I enjoyed the concept of a wizard working in Chicago.

Okay, here is the premise of the story. Harry Dresden is a wizard, who makes his money finding things for people using wizardry. He is also a consultant for the Chicago PD, a special division that investigates things that go bump in the night.

Of course, like in any noir detective story, Harry gets into trouble- lots of trouble. He is pushed, pulled, hit, and almost killed by the heavy-weights of the supernatural world.

I adore this book. And, since I am such a noir addict, I am ecstatic that there is a whole series of these books.

You might have seen a Cable show that uses these books... I haven't seen the show, but I do know that this book is worth the read. I have read it about three times already.