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By ladychai on
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This character goes way back my childhood years, was created on 1977 and was introduced on 1980. The face looks different, the storyline is different but she is still the same charming sweet girl we always love. From being a character for greeting cards to dolls to toys to movies, strawberry shortcake never failed to tickle our fancy. Since 1980, this girl who lives in a shortcake but recently lives on a strawberry always amazes little girls regardless of the inconsistency of the stories on 2003.

The DVD tells all, from introducing the new look of strawberry shortcake up to introducing the new looks of her friends as well as the entire strawberryland. But nevertheless, even with the differences if the story and the neverending strawberry shortcake franchise "wars", this little girl still makes it through the heart of young girls and the young at heart girls.

For me, the changes of in strawberry shortcake as a character has positive and negative effects. The positive effect is that the new character envisions the new generation of today. Her looks are updated, and she envisions the women of today, more independent and sure of herself. The negative effect is that straberry shortcake has been with us for so long, the changes in her looks and her story somehow destrys her character. But I guess this is good, marketing wise because the older version of strawberry shortcake becomes a rare collectible and as everyone know the rare a collection will be, all the more we'd like to have. So Marketing wise, this is good and for a collector, it wouldgive such pride possing the different version of strawberry shortcake.

The DVDs my daughter have are the 2003 version. The stories of the DVD is really nice, my daughter would always want to see them everyday to the point that at 2 years old she has already memorized every story strawberry shortcake has. The newer version is more expensive compared to the 2003 version now. Currently, we own 9 DVD with 2 story each, I have yet to buy all of the DVDs strawberry shortcake has. Hopefully, I get to collect them all. The songs in every movie are very well arranged and how the characters are depicted are very cool, more modern compared to the 1980 version.

The thing about strawberry shortcake that I really love is the adaptibility of the character, despite of the changes it is still the same old strawberry shortcake we always love.