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Streaming Mad

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James Armistead By James Armistead on
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There are plenty of reasons to have cellular phone providers. The most common is the lack of customer service you receive when you converse with a team member in one of their call centers. Additional frustrations include; coverage areas, ease of transferring information, and difficulties with the applications that I downloaded, but could not use. These are common frustrations regardless of the provider you use or the cell phone you buy; however, some offer more challenges than others. I am fortunate to have received several of the modern smartphones that have saturated the telecommunications industry since they started coming out in the early part of this century. I have also experienced a variety of challenges with each of them. In the end I had to remember that the original design and purpose behind this device was to offer an ease in communication between two people. It has grown to include more features for entertainment value, but this was not what made the cell phone popular.

The "Blackberry" revolutionized the telecommunications industry. Not only could we talk and record on cell phones, now we could be entertained by them too. And I'm not just talking about the new version of old games, like "BrickBreaker" they installed for teasing purposes, I mean real entertainment. You could now chat with friends through instant messaging; email or even using social networking sites like Facebook or MySpace. These features used technology that accessed wireless internet mediums we had never used before. These were not traditional uses of a cellular phone. When I opened my Christmas present and I received my Verizon Android phone I was ecstatic. I had owned Blackberry's before and knew this new phone would be equal if not greater in sophistication; class, style, clarity, and of course programming. These things I knew. But it is often very humorous noticing the discrepancies between what we know, and what we assume to know. This new Android phone held all the answers to my cell phone needs, right? Of course it did, and more. The truth is, it has more than I needed, but it was just what I wanted. I could be located by anyone of a number of friends, I could find them too. I could talk to anyone worldwide who had anything to say to me. Albums of music were at my disposal; I could download books directly to my phone, talk to my lovely wife, play an assortment of games, and last but certainly not least, for those never-ending rides with children, I could use the television application to watch certain programs of choice previously selected by Verizon. These features were all exactly what I was looking for, but did they hold up to my expectations of quality?

The physical appearance of the phone was mesmerizing, almost seductive. It was sleek to look at and even had a sensual glow with its' backlight. The length and width was just the right size to fit in my pockets, as well as give a screen large enough for me to enjoy using it. The battery life could have been better, but depending on the application I used to limit the battery life usage, the longer or shorter the lifespan was. The instant messaging applications were unique and provided a conversation-like appearance, which I found helpful every time my wife insisted she told me something and she hadn't. I was somewhat disappointed by the television application on the phone. With the service I had through Sprint on the Blackberry, I could watch a variety of programming that I liked and could see on primetime television. With the Verizon application, it limited the service to watching tv stations I didn't know still existed, or documentaries on stations created specifically for Verizon consumers. The television and movie applications left a stain on what I thought was a fantastic creation. The quality of Verizon's' service; however, is superb, and I almost NEVER had any difficulties with reception or losing a signal while attempting to use online streaming. It all worked succinctly with the other applications on the phone and worked fairly quickly. The only other concern I ever had with this device was while attempting to use the "live wallpaper" feature. It appears that my phone that which the president could use from Air Force One to run the country cannot animate a few fish to swim across my screen and feed on fake pellets that spring from my fingertip. And they say life is just.