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Street Fighter

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If ever there were a DVD review to take to heart, this would be it. If ever there were a movie to avoid, this would be it. Street Fighter, based on the 1992 video arcade fighting game Street Fighter 2 and its sequels, is one of the worst movies ever. Despite a star-studded cast including Jean-Claude Van Damme and the late great Raul Julia, Street Fighter's transition to the big screen is the absolute opposite of smooth, and nearly soured the franchise for fans of the original game. Cursed by cheesy acting, poor special effects and a plot stolen straight out of a Chuck Norris movie, Street Fighter appeared doomed from the get go. This "Collector's Edition" DVD has done nothing but collect dust since the day it was purchased. Do not subject yourself to this film. If you are a nostalgic fan who has never seen the movie, do not watch it as doing so could cause you to drive down to the nearest arcade in search of a game cabinet to destroy with a hammer. If you are unfamiliar with the franchise and just found yourself in position to buy this DVD for 10 cents, trust me, you're the one getting ripped off. Avoid this movie at all costs.