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Street Kings

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By reviewmaster2009 on
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Street Kings" is a solid, entertaining film. It's one of only a couple movies worth spending $10 on at the theaters right now.

At first you are to believe that Keanu Reeves is a dirty cop (which is somewhat true), but eventually he becomes hellbent on righting a wrong -- even at his own expense. But the wrong he tries to right is much more complicated than he ever imagined.

The story gets more interesting as it goes on and it does an excellent job of immersing the audience into the deep, complex plot.

Similar to Miami Vice, the portrayals are gritty, unflinching and fearless and the blood flows. Should we have lawless cops that gun down evildoers? They get more bad guys but they turn corrupt themselves. Reeves plays one that is unique, operating above the law but not for money. He does it because he loves it and has a sense of justice. I had to admire him despite misgivings about morality and the rules of law. As a film I was riveted to the screen and never found it predictable. Reviewers say it had too many cliches but many people talk in cliches. Not every script can be Citizen Kane. One of the best performances by Keanu Reeves.