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Strike The Box Matches

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By margie8228 on
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These Diamond Strike On Box Matches were made in the United States. This certain box contains 250 little matches, and the tips of each match is red. The Diamond brand has been making matches for over one hundred and twenty five years so I completly trust them, they have very good quality and are truly dedicated to the satisfaction of their costumers. Each match is large and starts on fire the first time you strike them on the side of the box, they are safe with the head red head being non-toxic, and there is not very much smoke when it bursts into flame. Diamond Brand makes their matches from the highest quality of Aspen wood, making them strong and splint free matches. I like to use these matches for lighting candles, my grill, our camp fires, and many more things. This brand has never disapointed me, the matches will last a long time too. I found an old box of matches out in our camper and they still strike and burn fine. You can buy the Diamond brand matches big or small, and strike on box and strike anywhere varieties. This is the one brand to go with they're cheap and great quality.