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Stri Vectin Sd

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By bliss on
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I bought a tube of this because of the rave reviews and wanted to try something that worked, regardless of the price. I was tired of my old skin care regime and I think the skin builds up a resistance to some products over time, just like hair products. I used this as prescribed for two weeks, and there are some miraculous results. However, even with the results, I had to stop using it.

Within a week of use, I am not kidding, the wrinkles in the middle of my forehead, as if there was an injection of Botox there. However, the right and left sides of my forehead still had the wrinkles. This shocked me so much I had to show my family and friends. They laughed, but certainly agreed. This proved to me that with continuous use, the rest of them, along with other wrinkles had the potential to disappear.

My face was dewy and moist; I loved the look and feel of my face. I was so happy I cried. However, the cream broke my face out in acne. I still suffer from adult acne from time to time and this cream took it over the edge. They just recently came out with a non-oily form and I may try that sometime because I know this cream can work. However, I believe they took out the oil in the newer version and am afraid that the oil is what makes those special ingredients work. I cannot attest to that non-oily version yet, but I can promise that this cream does have results that I have not seen in any cream anywhere on the market, and I have tried just about all of them.

The smell was like peppermint and seemed to be refreshing, although there was a small hint of medicine that can be slightly offensive, but it was such a small unpleasing amount and the refreshment smell seemed to overtake any medicine smell to it.

I can give rave ratings for this cream for those that do not suffer oily or combination skin. It is the best out there for wrinkles and the ad as "Better than Botox" is not a joke or a marketing ploy, it is the truth.