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Strong At The Broken Places

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By mary on
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This hard cover book entitled, " Strong At The Broken Places " was written by Max Cleland and is 156 pages long. It was published by Chosen Books and distributed by Word Books. In this book, Max Cleland gives an account of his personal story and how he achieved the impossible. In the military, he was known as Captain Max Cleland. During his stay in Vietnam in 1968, he jumped to the ground to make sure he had cleared the helicopter's blades. Then he noticed a grenade where the helicopter had been. Thinking it was one that he might have dropped from his gear, he went to pick it up. Reaching down to retrieve it, there was a blinding explosion and the medics were certain that he could not survive his injuries. Both legs and one arm were gone. Shrapnel pierced his wind pipe and he was in deep shock from the trauma. Loss of blood and infection were also a great concern. Max Cleland had a strong will to live and it took every ounce of courage and determination to be productive again. He made up his mind to walk again, drive a car, swim, dance and have a career. This took great patience along with the suffering he endured. He had countless months of therapy as well. He found a more powerful source of strength in God. Max relied on God for all his needs and healings. He became a tremendous source of encouragement for other amputees. He toured the country to show others what determination to live can do. I remember seeing him several times as a guest on different television shows and he always was given a standing ovation. I admired the fact that through it all, he could still smile. To me, he was a giant of a man. Max Cleland continued his fight to get more rights for the disabled and handicapped. God was with him through it all and Max never lost faith or trust in The Lord. I think he is a wonderful example of a true Christian that refuses to give up in spite of the circumstances.