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Strummin' A Dora Guitar

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By ladychai on
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This is actually my daughter's second guitar at our house, she has another guitar in her father's house. I felt compelled to buy her her second one because I accidentally stepped on the first one.

My daughter's dad is a lead guitarist of an underground rock band here in Cebu, so naturally, my daughter grew up seeing her Dad playing the guitar and for this reason my daughter is also very inclined to music.

In her early years, she has shown signs of inclination to music. She can easily memorize songs and can identify tunes and I am very proud of her for that. She has also shown interest in musical instruments.

I coordinated her dad to buy a guitar for her and I will buy one as well. Her dad informed me that they will do guitar sessions together most of the time. Before she had her own guitar, she would play with her dad's electric guitar which is kind of dangerous because it is heavy and the strings might injure her.

With this Dora guitar, even if the strings will be cut, it will not be as painful as being hit by the real one and it can easily be replaced too. The guitar is also light and very feminine. I love the design and the form of the guitar too. Her first guitar was a lot smaller but this Dora guitar is just right for her size, not to mention that this one is a lot cheaper too.

I am glad that my daughter inherited her interest with music from her father, I am what I consider a tone deaf person, I really won't be able to determine whether I get out of tune or not when I sing that is why I would rather not sing at all. But I do love music, music just doesn't love me. hehehe.