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Strypeeze, Original Semi Paste Stripper

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The product that I am reviewing today is Strypeeze. I am not referring to an adult act at a nightclub. Strypeeze is a semi-paste stripper that is used on woodwork, trim, metal and masonry. It is used to remove paint, varnish, lacquer and shellac. The semi-paste texture clings to surfaces and can easily be cleaned up with water. I noticed that the paint on my garage door trim was beginning to peel so I decided to repaint the trim. I wanted to strip all the old paint off of the trim before repainting so I looked for a stripping product. I purchased Strypeeze for $9.48 at my local Lowe's home improvement store for a quart size can. There was another product for a dollar less, however it was clearly printed on the can that Strypeeze is good for trim. I figure if you are going to pay for a stripper you should know what you are paying for. Chalk one up for marketing.

Simply apply Strypeeze to the surface to be stripped, wait fifteen to twenty five minutes (depending on what type of finish is to be stripped) then remove the old finish with a putty knife, preferably a plastic or dull one to prevent gouging in wood surfaces. It is recommended that rubber gloves be worn while using this product. It is also a good idea to keep a damp cloth nearby just in case any drops get on exposed skin. Read and follow instructions carefully since this is a toxic substance.

After I stripped off the old paint I sanded the trim and it was ready to be repainted.

Update On Jul 01, 2010: I had just enough left over from last season for a small project. The left over Strypeeze worked like the can had just been opened. Remember to thighten the lid when the project is over.