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Studio Tools Duo Fiber Brush

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So if you are in the beauty community, you know all the hype around the duo fiber brush. As well as know how expensive that makeup brush can get, well, to get the good quality ones at least. So I was looking aroung at the makeup brushes at my local store, and came across this Studio Tools Duo Fiber brush. I looks like a typical store brand, cheap brush would. But I wanted to take a closer look at it, so i opened up the package, took the brush out, and gave it a feel. I noticed that the hairs do feel nice, with both natural and synthetic bristles, which I find is best for these types of makeup brushes. Its a sturdy brush, does not feel cheap or awkward at all. So when I saw the 4 dollar clearance tag, I was excited. You can not get a makeup brush for under 5 bucks, anywhere. So I went home to try it out. I use this brush for liquid foundation, taking the foundation on the back of my hand, then dabbing the top of the brush on my product, getting it on the first top of the brush. I noticed that the application of my foundation was pretty easy, I love how this brush makes my foundation go on even, and blends it out amazingly. I find that the brush applicater itself is the perfect size, big enough for my cheeks, but small enough to get onto my nose. The bristles are soft and durable. The only downsides to the brush is that the bristles do get stuck together after awhile, which is no problem if you clean your brush on a regular basis. What have I learne from this: Dont knock cheap brushes until you try them yourself!