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Suave Kids Smoothers

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Lena Christine By Lena Christine on
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My daughter is VERY picky about her hair even at the ripe old age of 6! We have tried many different types of shampoo, from cheap to expensive and from baby to adult. Nothing ever quite seems to satisfy this child.

One of her major issues is the scent of any bath product she uses. Some of the more overly scented shampoos irritate her allergies and others cause her scalp to itch. Shampoo shopping for this child is a nightmare in itself.

One day while in Wal-mart staring at the endless row of shampoos and conditioners in the aisle she spotted an eye catching orange bottle with a Tucan on the front. "Mommy, I want to try this one!" she said to me. At $1.97 for a 22.5 oz. bottle who was I to say no when she could have just as easily chosen a much smaller yet more expensive one instead.

At bath time that night she was quite excited to use this shampoo. It featured an easy pump style top so she could get the shampoo out herself without any help and it's tear free so no worries of stinging eyes which throws her into a fit.

The scent of this product was wonderful. The one she chose was called Orange Mango Outburst and it indeed brings a tropical sense to bath time at every use.

Months later we are still using this great shampoo and my daughter is completely satisfied with the product. It even has the added bonus of detangler in the formula to help mommy out after bath time is over and anyone with a little girl can testify as to how horrible a brushing can be with a ton of tangles in a littles ones hair.

This is one inexpensive product I highly recommend to anyone having bath time battles over shampoo. Kids love it! (Plus it's not hard on the budget)