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Suave Limited Edition Whipped Hot Cocoa Body Wash

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By mellaview on
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Suave brand bath and body products are always the cheapest brand you will find on shelves. Many people are led to believe that because the price is low, the quality is also low.

I have found this to be so far from the truth it's ridiculous. Suave may be cheap, but that does not mean their products suck.

My most recent purchase from Suave was a limited edition body wash, in a scent that a think many will agree; rocks. Whipped Hot Chocolate.

The Scent:

Whipped Hot Cocoa smells like a dreamy creamy mix of chocolate and whipped cream. It does not remind me much of what hot cocoa would smell like; to me it smells like creamy chocolate. It's a nice scent sure to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Whipped Hot Cocoa is labeled as a body wash; however most bathing beauties know that you can use body was as shampoo, and as a bubble bath if we want. The formula is all the same.

My plan was to use it as a 3 in 1. Why not right?

Suave Whipped Hot Cocoa works wonderfully as a body wash. The lather is thick, the scent fills the air, and when you rinse you are left squeaky clean without any residue or greasy feeling left behind.

When used as a shampoo the results were also fantastic. The chocolate scent stood with me, and I was able to smell warm chocolate with every slight movement I made.

When I tried using Whipped Hot Cocoa as a bubble bath I got decent results. I did get a fair amount of chocolate scented bubbles, but sadly the bubbles all popped in about 10 minutes. Using Suave Whipped Hot Cocoa as a bubble bath in my opinion is sort of useless.

Overall Suave Whipped Hot Cocoa is a really great wash. For only $2.50, you really can't do better.

Keep in mind that this is a new and limited edition scent. Buy it while it's available, because it will be gone soon after the holiday is over.