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Suave Skin Therapy

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Beth Benson By Beth Benson on
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I honestly do not know what I would do without this product. Suave Skin Therapy Aloe with Cucumber is a moisturizing lotion that sooths and comforts dry or chapped skin on contact. I have been using this product for about a year and have found it to be perfect.This is a very light moisturizer so to speak. It doesn't coat your skin with any type of thick greasy lotion and it doesn't just sit on your skin for hours. The minute you apply it and gently massage it into the skin, it does just that. It moves quickly and easily into your skin to keep it soft.

Dry skin has a tendency to burn intensely when you apply some lotions that are out there. That is one reason why for a very long time I stopped using lotion. But when I found Suave with Aloe, I said why not give it a try. To my surprise, there was no burning; there was no fear of applying the lotion. A lot of times lotions give you red and irritated skin because of some of the ingredients, most of those ingredients cause that burning feeling. But not Suave with Aloe. There is no reddening; there is no irritation, just a soothing and cool feeling of relief.

Another really cool feature of this product is that it helps as a skin protector from sun. If your out in the sun all day and know that your going to come home red and ready to peel, as soon as you walk inside from the sun, apply Suave Aloe on your skin and it helps to prevent that annoying peeling process.

Suave Skin Therapy Aloe with Cucumber is soft and comforting with a pleasant scent. You can find this product almost anywhere. I purchased my 10oz bottle at Wal-Mart for $2.50.

Winter is just around the corner and I highly suggest investing in this product, your skin will thank you!