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Suck It, Citibank

Reviewing: Citibank Dividend Mastercard  |  Rating:
By joojifish on
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I've been using the Citi Dividend card for over 2 years and have mixed feelings about it. I initially applied for the card because I was already with Citibank (I'd been using a Diamond Preferred card) and wanted a credit card that offered cash back rewards. The draws: there's no annual fee, and being a Mastercard, the Citi Dividend card is quite versatile. Also, I did get money back but wasn't able to get a check from Citibank until I'd accrued $50 in rewards. With my spending habits and a 1% cash back rate on most purchase (2% back at supermarkets, gas stations, drugstores, convenience stores, and for utilities), I didn't get to $50 for over a year. Nevertheless, I don't really have complaints about the card itself. What I did take huge issue with was how Citibank handled me as a customer. At some point, they sent me a letter asking me if I wanted to upgrade to a Dividend World card. Probably thinking it was one of those countless annoying, unwanted credit card offers, I must've shredded the letter. Unfortunately, a lack of response for this particular offer was considered a positive response to Citibank, and they upgraded my card. In doing so, they also changed my account number (a nice surprise I discovered upon trying to access my account online) and cancelled my old account. Then to make matters worse, the new card didn't arrive for over 3 months. Without the new card, I didn't have the full account number and couldn't pay my outstanding balance. I did manage to get Citibank to let me pay the balance on time by arguing with them over the phone, but really, what a hassle! In addition, the card activation process has gotten more annoying. When you call, the operator tries to sell you two different offers (balance transfers and credit score reporting). I'm pretty sure Citibank hasn't always done this--they used to activate the card without trying to sell you crap. Anyhow, I applied for a new credit card with a different company and am avoiding using my Citi cards in protest.