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Sucked In By A Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

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By bubblywriter on
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I have two school's of thought pertaining to this machine, it isn't worth the price, yes, I know, and the maintenance expense and hassle, but it does have some fine features. I was talked into buying this vacuum by a high-pressured salesman, but mostly for it's other aspect it doubles as an air purifier. On this count, I don't have any complaints, with a household that suffers from severe allergies it is helpful and productive. As a vacuum cleaner I do have my problems with it, although, it has a strong suction which lifts the dirt out of the carpet fairly well, it is heavy and awkward to manage. It doesn't have any special attachments just the standard unless you want to pay a pretty penny for them. I am talking about $80.00 for a specialized brush to clean your furniture. I don't think so. You have to use the bags and filters provided by the company who send a representative twice a year to do maintenance if not and a problem arises you are responsible for the exhorbitant fees for repairs. It is best to use the monthly payment fee schedule for the filters and checkups or you couldn't afford it, they always come up with some hidden costs. Of course, I wasn't aware of any of this when I purchased the vacuum. Within the first six months, there was a problem with the motor and the fur hit the fan literally and figuratively. Once, my three year schedule for monthly payments runs out I will reevaluate. They claim, these charges, etc. aren't unreasonable because it is a superior item and will last a lifetime. Lugging that machine around isn't doing much for my life expectancy. Call me a sucker, don't fall under the speel of a Filter Queen representative, keep a guard dog on you door.