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Sudoku Book

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When I was leaving on vacation, I wanted to take something that would occupy my mind while on the plane. I like doing puzzles and mind games, but I don't like crosswords. I had never tried to do a sudoku puzzle, but I knew the rules and idea behind it. I decided to find a book of them to take along with me.

I didn't want a huge book, so when I went looking I just went straight for the smallest book of sudoku puzzles I could find. I found this little hand held notebook and was very happy. Not only is it a great small travel size, it was only $2!

In this series, there are 4 different books to choose from. They are indicated by book #1, 2, 3, or 4, and each have a different color cover. I bought the #3 blue one.

It is a paperback book that is about 3"x4" in dimension. It is held together by a spiral binding. This is great because you can fold the whole thing in half and work on one side of the book at a time. The small size has been great! I take it with me whenever I know I will be bored! I can fit it in my travel bags, purse, or even in a pocket of my coat!

Inside, there are quite a few pages of instruction on how to work a sudoku puzzle if you are new to the art. There are also tips on how to improve your game and help you solve the puzzles faster. There is a total of 78 different puzzles in the book. I have been working on the book for almost a year on and off and I am only on puzzle #58! Some of the puzzles are more challenging than others, but they are all solvable. If you get stuck or want to check your answers, there is a section in the back with the answers to all the puzzles.