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Sugar Free Chloraseptic Lozenges

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One of the worst parts of having a nasty flu or cold is the sore throat! After coughing and having your sinuses drain and all that good stuff, your throat gets raw and dry-it can really hurt bad! Cough drops are a typical remedy for that sort of thing, but the vast majority or cough drops on the market are just candies that will produce saliva and coat your throat with sugar. Chloraseptic sugar free drops actually have a numbing effect on the throat and that can really help when you're in a lot of pain.

These aren't the end-all of the sore throat, but they can help a lot. They contain Dexromethorpan, Menthol, and Benzocaine to help with your coughing, give you the soothing methol felling that helps clear sinuses, and numbing power of benzocaine to help you get through your cold. Since they're sugar free, you don't need to worry about that sugary after taste, plus if you're diabetic, they're ok to use!

The main thing that I think really helps is the benzocaine-it't the topical numbing agent that goes down your throat and kills the pain off. The only thing that would make this better is if the numbing power was a little stronger. I can still feel the pain after I finish a lozenge, but it is numbed down somewhat.

This is certainly something to try if you have a cough and sore throat, or even just a sore throat! It does help at least a little, and every little bit is definitely welcome when youre really suffering though a cold.