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Summer Infant Baby Gate

Reviewing: Summer Infant Quick Release Gate With Bannister Kit  |  Rating:
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This gate is HORRIBLE!!! There's nothing good I can even think of to say about it! The overall concept of this gate was a good idea, but it is horribly flawed. We have a wall to banister situation on the stairs we wanted to block and didn't want to have to screw anything into the wood banister. This attaches to the banister with two sticky pads and two straps, one of each at the top and bottom.This looked like the perfect solution, but it was the worst gate we have ever tried!

The problems started with the fact that you had to unscrew the bolts just long enough to click into the locking feature. Over about a week's time I had to readjust the length many times because the nuts don't hold them in place at all. I would close the gate and it would just swing right past the lock and open the other way.

To open the gate you have to lift the bolt over the little click-in locking tabs. At first it was no big deal, other than the gate is a bit heavy and hard to lift just right one handed. But after a couple days I started realizing i had to lift the gate higher each time. I didn't realize until later that it was because the part that attached with "secure" sticky pads and tie downs was slowly slipping down the rail! One HUGE PROBLEM is that the gate "attaches" to the banister anchor by simply placing 2 short rods into 2 holes. The rods don't have anything to lock them in, so the further down the banister anchor slid, the higher I had to lift, and eventually fell right out of the anchor. I put up with it at first until it fell out and hit my baby in the face at one point!

The other problem with this gate is that the whole gate has to open to get through instead of just having a small walk through area. It swung open so wide that I had to either coax my baby away to give me room to open it, lean over the gate to pick her up and move her to the side, or slowly open it and make her walk backward while she hung on to it. It was such a pain to open and close that I would just end up climbing over the gate or the rail.

We knew this was a horrible gate when we took it back to the store. The lady kept asking us if there was anything wrong with it or if it was broken. We said no, it was just a horrible gate. She looked confused while she was giving us the refund and we soon found out why. As we walked away we heard her say to a fellow employee, "People keep bringing this gate back." We turned back to find ours was the third gate of this same one returned that day alone!