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Summerize Your Soles With Dr. Scholl's Micro File

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Dr. Scholl's has come out with their answer to the Ped Egg: Smooth my Sole micro file. The name may not be short and sweet, but the product does what it promises.

Many of us suffer from calluses on our feet. Even though I pamper my tootsies, I get rough dry feet during the winter. This year I decided I wanted to purchase some kind of callous scraper to use with my Dr. Scholl's footbath and Shea it isn't so lotion. I read all the Ped Egg reviews and considered making the Ped Egg purchase. Then I saw a Dr. Scholl’s Smooth my Sole commercial.

I noticed the products looked very similar. They both have the egg shape for easy handling, they both collected the callous shavings, and neither product would pop a balloon. The only real difference I could see was Dr. Scholl's micro file was clear and Ped Egg was not.

I thought having the unit clear might be an advantage: I could see all the disgusting dead skin filling up the unit and dump it before it got too full.

When I went shopping, I found both products and looked them over. The biggest difference I could see was Dr. Scholl's micro file came with three smoothing pads as a bonus. It also cost about fifty cents less than the Ped Egg. I am a miser; I bought the Dr. Scholl's unit.

The smoothing pads Dr. Scholl's micro file comes with are essentially sandpaper. They do help smooth your heels after you file them. However, I like my foot pumice smoother better.

When you use the Smooth my Sole micro file not all the scrapings are contained in the unit. Either you must perform the filing over a trashcan or over a towel; unless you do not mind dead skin piles on the floor.

I must say my feet have improved and are ready for summer and sand. I did not realize I had such a callous problem until I started using my Dr. Scholl's Smooth my Sole micro file.

Update On May 02, 2010: I have had my Smooth my Sole Micro File for quite some time now. I do not have any callous problems any more. The unit still works just as it did the day I bought it. I only use it about once every two weeks for maintenance. The smoothing pads are long gone but I do not think I need them. I will defiantly buy this brand again if I need to.