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Summer's Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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Summer’s Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray is a product I like for the most part.

The can says it contains neutress which neutralizes any odor - not just cover it up. It also has vitamin E and is hypoallergenic which I think is important considering the sensitive areas you use it on! It also contains BakingSoda and Cornstarch to absorb moisture another nice "feature" that helps you feel comfortable.

It comes in an aerosol spray can and directions are simple just hold about 12 inches away from the body and spray. You can also spray it onto your panties, panty liners, pantyhose, or anything you would be wearing close to your body. It says to use it twice daily or whenever you feel you need some “extra feminine protection”.

I use this primarily during “that time of the month”. It does help me feel fresher and confident that I am protected from any unwanted odor possibilities. I like that I don’t have to worry about it!

I have had NO irritation caused by this product and feel that it is a nice thing to have around. It is a surprisingly dry spray…the first time I used it I though it would cause the area to be damp (the spray itself)…it didn’t. It is a very fine “mist”. And actually does help the area stay drier.

I think it is a good size to carry along in your purse just in case you feel you need it through out the day.The packaging does say that it is safe and gentle enough for everyday use.

Summer’s Eve Feminine deodorant spray is available in different scents I have tried the "Intimate Whisper" and the Tropical Rain. I really liked the Intimate Whisper"; it is a clean, light fresh, slightly floral scent, not perfumey and overpowering.

The Tropical Rain scent on the other hand, I hate. It is REALLY strong scented…perfumey and sweet smelling…I don’t think it is very “Tropical “ either…just flowery and STRONG I find it much stronger than I like…I mean I didn’t want to wear it as a perfume!

So, I guess it just depends on what you like but I would recommend Summer’s Eve Feminine Deodorant Spray as a good product to help address any feminine odor concerns you may have.

I bought mine at Wal-Mart I believe I paid about $4.00 for a 1.5oz can. This lasts me awhile -a few months because I only really use it one week out of the month.It is very easy to find, I believe just about every store has it and if you want to be more discreet about it…it is available to purchase online.