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Sun Smart Baby Hideaway Pool

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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We got this for my 10 month old to play in. We were shopping in K-mart and all their summer stuff was on clearance. We have a big pool that is around 4 ft deep but baby can't play in it without one of us actually being in the water with him so when we saw this one we bought it.

It's actually a pretty basic heavy duty vinyl inflatable "baby" pool. It is 42" in diameter with a 10 1/4 " wall height and a 31" Total height (that includes the protective dome).

It has an inflatable, removable "dome" that covers half of the pool to give added protection from the sun. The entire pool is blue, yellow and white with a clear strip that runs through the lower half of the dome so that you can see baby at all times. My son is still very little so I NEVER really use this "window"...I sit myself right in front of the pool...but I guess the window is a good idea.

Like I said the pool is made out of vinyl so it's ok as far as durability...as far as inflatable pools go...it's a pretty thick/heavy duty vinyl..if you are careful with it it will last a little while, at least through the summer.

The recommended age on the packaging says it is for ages 6 months to 18 months.

We don't really have any complaints, although my son was kind of nervous about the dome part when we first put him in the pool. My husband actually had to sit in the pool with him so he wouldn't be afraid of it! LOL! (I should have taken a picture! He looked ridiculous! LOL! The things we do for our kids! LOL!) We ended up taking it off for awhile and baby was fine then. It was nice to have the option of On or OFF with the dome.

Also the bottom of the pool was a bit slippery...my son kept slipping and scaring himself so we put one of those non slip pads in the bottom. I know...sounds a bit funny but we really want him to NOT have a fear of water and be able to enjoy himself and explore.

This Baby Hideaway Pool by Sun Smart is regularly priced at $10.99, we got ours on sale for $5.00.