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Sunbeam 1500 Watt Quartz Heater

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John Sussdorff By John Sussdorff on
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The Sunbeam quartz heater is a cost-effective way to heat a large room. Using 1500 watts of power on high, and 750 watts of power on low, this unit will keep you warm. I pay $75 a month in electric to use this heater in my living room, and it is very warm. The heater makes some noise when it runs, but if you're not freezing that's all I care about.

This quartz heater is safe. It has tip over protection, and will shut off if the electrical malfunctions. The older units have a reset button on them and the high setting only worked for a few months. The newer units the high setting works for a year or more before burning out. For $42 what else will work as well?

The unit heats using quartz coils, and has a safety grate in the front thats ventilated to distribute the heat. Features a thermostat for warmer days but cooler nights. The unit has a standard plug incase you have older wiring its a 2 prong plug. The unit has a carry handle and is easily placed. Small but powerful, this quartz tower is durable with features.

Operating instructions included and they help. The specifications as well as the safety precautions are in the manual. Warranty cards included. When I have run this in 20 degree temperatures, it's usually 65 inside, and when its 30 degrees outside I can hit 70 or better. This is a great product that will last, they fixed all the problems with the original design, and now it is reliable for winter toughness.

Instructions are easy to understand and are in Spanish, and English. Instructions printed for safety on the heater, and on the box. The manual is in Spanish and English. This is great for people on a budget, and is user-friendly enough for a great value. The only downside is it is hard on the electric bill, and usually you can not run more than one on a circuit, as most residential electrical circuits only handle 2300 watts. If you put more than one on a circuit then a breaker will blow and you would need to switch one of the heaters to another circuit to prevent this from happening.

Overall Sunbeam makes a great product. Efficient and powerful enough to do the job, this unit delivers. Price and quality make it a good buy and the unit is available in most Wal Marts.