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Sunbeam Fan Forced Heater

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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While shopping recently, I looked at some small, portable heaters. There are many kinds of heaters such as kerosene heaters, electric heaters, and infrared heaters. I, however, was looking for an inexpensive one.

I have a medium size bedroom (12 x 12) in a part of our house that doesn't get heated as well as other rooms. The Sunbeam Fan-Forced heater seemed to be the type of heater I was looking to buy. Setting wise, it has a manual setting and an adjustable thermostat. One setting is called heat one and it runs on 1000 watts The second setting, heat two, runs on 1500 watts. You pick a setting, heat one or heat two, then you set the thermostat to high, and once the room temperature is comfortable, you turn the thermostat down to whatever level suits your needs.The Sunbeam Space Heater also has a fan setting that blows out room temperature air.

Safety features include the heater shutting down if it heats to high or to what it recognizes as a hazardous temperature. While running, this space heater stays cool on the sides and back.

WARNINGS: This heater does NOT shut off when it overturns.You should never leave a space heater turned on in a room where you will not be staying. I always plug this heater into an outlet and not an extension cord as it was, in my experience, heating up the extension cord near the outlet.

The Sunbeam space heater is 12.5 amps and its working voltage is 120V AC/60 HZ.

This heater works pretty well for my needs, but there are better space heaters. It works best if you shut the door of the room you are heating.

If I were making this heater I would put in a switch that shuts it off when it tips over. This missing safety feature is why it gets a 3.9 rating from me. If you have children or pets you might want to try another heater.