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Sunbeam Kitchen Assistant

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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My husband got me this product months ago. We both thought that is was just like The Magic Bullet we had seen all over T.V. (I had been wanting a Magic Bullet) The Magic bullet is kind of expensive ($59-$99) So when he saw The Sunbeam Kitchen Assistant at Walmart for $29.95, we both thought it was a good deal. Well…it’s NOT the Magic Bullet but it is similar. Here’s my “break down “


The set includes:

2 Large Mixing Containers

6 Small Mixing Containers

1 Blade Assembly

6 Storage Lids

2 Shaker/Sifter Lids

1 Base

Everything except for the base is made of plastic. The base is heavy and has non slip feet on the bottom to give it a good grip on the counter. Everything except for the base can be put into the dish washer. The base just wipes down for cleaning. The blade is stainless steel and basically looks like a blade you would see in a blender. The motor is a 220 watt motor and powerful.

It is pretty stylish in appearance… Metallic silver with chrome accents for the base. The mixing/holding containers are clear with black lids, they also have measurements listed on them which makes them very convenient, and they have storage and shaker sifter lids that are convenient as well.

So what exactly does this baby do? Well, you can Chop, Mince, Shred, Grind, Dice, Puree, Grate, and Mix.


You can basically put what ever you want into this Kitchen Assistant…EXCEPT LIQUIDS & ICE…

meats, cheeses, veggies, nuts, spices…whatever are fine, just NO ICE OR LIQUID! I found this to be a major bummer! (How am I supposed to make margaritas??!!) Everything also needs to be cut into smaller pieces when being put into this Kitchen Assistant as well.

This is very simple to use. You just put your cut up food into the mixing container, screw on the blade (top) set it into/onto the base and press down to start. You can twist the mixing container once you set it in the base-this holds the ON position for you. Then just twist or stop holding down to stop the blades from chopping. You have to be pretty careful and really watch for the desired “chop” size you want. This thing is fast and can pulverize and make what you are chopping a mush VERY QUICKLY.


I use this for grinding coffee, making salsa, chopping veggies, and whatever else I can find to do around the kitchen with it. I’ve even made baby food. It’s fast, convenient, easy to clean, nice medium/small size and a huge help in cutting down your time in the kitchen. The one thing that bugs me is the darn No Ice & No liquid thing!!! We like to make smoothies, shakes, and other blended drinks and I have to admit that I AM going to be buying a Magic bullet because of it. However, this is a good product. I haven’t had any problems with it. I would recommend this as a great addition to someones kitchen.