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Sunbeam Stainless Coffee Maker

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When we were at the cottage a friend of ours brought up a coffee maker to replace the one that had died the day we arrived. I can't be without my coffee and she was so sweet to think of me. For weeks afterward I hunted for this particular coffee maker because I really liked it. The store she had bought it at was a 2 hour drive from me and so I waited and figured that eventually the store here would have it available.

Sure enough, yesterday while out and about I finally found my coffee maker and quickly grabbed it. It's a really great looking machine that is perfect for my coffee fiend personality.

It comes with a stainless steel carafe that keeps the coffee just brewed hot for 4 hours before it turns itself off, then the carafe continues to keep the coffee hot for at least a few hours after that. It comes with its own brew filter so buying additional paper filters isn't necessary. It's sleek brushed stainless steel and black look fits into any modern kitchen beautifully.

Making coffee with it is so quick! The water container stands on its own and you can use the carafe to pour cold water into the top of the water reservoir or simply twist the reservoir, which is a slender 12 cup cylinder, off it's base and fill it at the tap.

It has a pre-program button so you can set the time that you want the machine to brew coffee automatically, a great feature for mornings, especially helpful when you have a hubby who loves to take the first cup before it's completed brewing and leaves you with tastelss brown water afterwards. Now I simply prepare the machine and at 5:30 a.m. it's brewed and waiting fresh and flavorful for when we get up. The digital clock is very easy to set and see.

The brew basket swings open easily revealing the filter and leaves lots of space so that you can easily place coffee grounds inside.

It brews quite quickly and has a pause and brew feature for those who just can't wait for the whole process to finish, and the coffee tastes excellent. I just purchased some very flavorful Sumatru beans today so can't wait to enjoy a cup of freshly ground coffee later.

I've owned a number of Sunbeam coffee makers, I change coffee maker styles like I change my hair style - often. Whenever I see a new style that I like, I usually give the old maker to my husband for his office and I grace the kitchen with the new one. This machine however is so sleek, stylish and takes up only a small amount of room on the counter, tucking in nicely to the corner, that I might just keep it for awhile. It's also very light weight and easy to clean.

For just $39.97, this maker is a great little addition to anyone's kitchen, with up to date look and convenient features, and the coffee flavor? MMMMmmmm, terrific!

Update On Oct 05, 2008: Oct 4-2008: I still love this but one drawback to the stainless steel carafe is that it has no indicator to warn you when the coffee is low. My hubby finds this particularly annoying at times :) perhaps because he finds he just pours the last cup and has to make more? If it had a window or indicator level that would make this a perfect machine! Of course it's not that difficult to just pop open the top but it would be a little improvement.