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Sunday Brunch Must Have!

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I'm always rushing around in the morning getting ready for work or school so i don't have the time to actually sit down and eat breakfast, i pour some cereal into a bowl, along with some milk and a packet of splenda and eat my Wheatabix in my bedroom while getting ready through mouthfuls. So when the weekend comes around, i get to sleep in a little bit and be lazy, i pull out my Black and Decker griddle and make the huge breakfast i don't get to have Monday through Friday.

I place my griddle on my kitchen table while i sit down and read the paper with a cup of tea while waiting for my breakfast to cook.

All you need to to is spray a little pam on the cooking surface, throw on a few slices of bacon, eggs and pancakes. I have even made poached eggs with the little poacher rings on this griddle. And my favorite is the potato pattie hashbrowns, they come out just like Mcdonalds, but without all the grease.

There is a tray for the grease to drip into on the bottom underside of the griddle, you just slide it out, discard and clean. It also has a pull out tray to put your bacon or breakfast sausages in once cooked to keep warm while the rest of your food is cooking. You can use this griddle to make anything, i just prefer it for breakfast foods. It is so easy to use and clean, i believe it is dishwasher safe, just remove the electrical cord. And it also comes with a temperature controller with warm to high settings. The cooking surface is non stick depending on what it is you are making, the potato patties stick, so i use cooking spray, using the spray very lightly weather needed or not, i find it makes cleaning alot easier.