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Sun Flower Gardenia Leave In Conditioner

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Jessica Yamaguchi By Jessica Yamaguchi on
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I got Avon Naturals Leave In Conditioner because I have really long hair..it hangs about 10 inches below my waiste. It's kind of a pain to take care of ..washing takes forever...conditioner takes forever...and brushing...well you can imagine! Every time I wash theres knots and tangles and it's just a real PAIN!!! I'm lucky if half my hair doesn't just rip out in the process! So I discovered Avon's Sunflower and Gardenia Leave in conditioner while I was trying different detanglers and leave in conditioners.


There is a long list of ingredients on the bottle so let me just say that sunflower and gardenia extracts are listed.

This worked great! As a detangler and as a conditioner! It's clear, thin and feels really slick and oily. I was kind of grossed out by that at first! BUt after the first time I used it I knew I liked it! I use 2-3 quarter sized "puddles" It comes in a 6floz, shampoo like bottle with a click open top. You just squeeze the amount you need into your hands and rub them together. Then massage into your hair- roots to ends. It smells like sunflowers and gardenias..fresh, but NOT perfumy and not to flowery. Which is good because I'm not a flowery kinda girl! It is also a VERY light fragrance not strong or overpowering. Which is another of the things that I really like.

I have to tell you that if you use to much of this you WILL look like you have greasy hair! A little goes a long way!Directions say you can apply to damp or dry hair...I only apply when my hair is damp. That's how it works best for me. It helps SO MUCH with the tangles! Makes it much easier for the brush to slip through. This in itself is a worth it to me! It also gives my hair a nice strong healthy feeling and when my hair drys, it has a nicer shine to it! I do use a conditioner in the shower but I find that my hair still needs more so I use this! This also leaves my hair feeling more managable. I do not wash my hair everyday. I wash it every 2 days and I do not have to reapply this conditioner in between washings.I like this much better than the other leave ins and detanglers I have tried.

I bought this on ebay for $3.99. I haven't tried to buy it from an Avon Rep yet but i believe I did see it in one of the campaigne books...I'm gonna have to ask my Rep because I'm almost out.