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Sunlight Laundry 3x Concentrated 3x Clean

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lexxia By lexxia on
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In any given week over 15 loads of laundry are done in our home. More when bedding is involved. Thankfully all of my children do their own which is really great.

I'm not usually one to purchase these concentrated laundry products because I just don't think that a small little capful of anything will get those white socks my kids love walking outside with, clean. We spend a fair amount of time in our back yard during summer and the kids tend to zip out sock feet at times.

I decided to purchase the Sunlight 3x's concentrated laundry detergent a few weeks ago when there was a sale that just couldn't be passed up. The detergent is normally 7.99 but included a coupon for $3.00 off. Grabit I did! So what if it didn't clean as advertised...I could always add a bit more if necessary.

It states it will do 32 loads of laundry and the cap that closes the bottle comes with 2 lines inside which signify the amounts to use for a small to medium load and a large load. As our loads of laundry are almost always large, one of my children brought the bottle to me and claimed that they didn't think such a small capful was going to clean their clothing very well. I told them to try it anyway and see.

After their load was done they came rushing up to me and gushing! 'Mom, this stuff is terrific. Buy it all the time!' Well, my kids don't get their clothing very dirty usually and my youngest (16) is probably the Queen of quick changes when it comes to wearing several different outfits a day. One of her favorite tops had gotten a greasy type stain on it, right in the middle of the neckline and she hadn't worn it for months because of it. She had thrown it in the wash to 'test' the detergent and was thrilled when the stain was completely gone.

I had a t-shirt that had a similar stain on it (juicy hamburgers can do that :), and so I decided to try the experiment as well. Grease mark gone! The smell of lemon anything isn't my favorite scent but this particular laundry detergent actually has a very fresh smell to it and despite the small amount used, I can now skip the Bounce (which I also love) if I wish and still have great smelling clothes.

Only one slight drawback I've noticed is that the pour spout tends to pour a little sloppily near the finishing of the bottle but so far that's my only complaint. When even whites get white and my blacks stay black? It's a winner in my books. One bottle is just finishing today and we've done approximately 34 loads of laundry since purchasing it. I have no problem recommending this detergent. Hopefully I can get more at the great price.