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Super Enzymes For Better Digestion

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I always thought that I lacked enzymes because it seems that I could not process fat, sugar, and carbohydrates efficiently. Despite consuming fiber, I have problem with bowel movement. Although I do go everyday, it is not enough for the amount of food intake.

So anyway, I checked the net for the enzymes that are needed to break down fat, sugar, and carb. And I learned that these are Amylase, Lipase, and Glucoamylase. And for protein, Protease. I went to GNC and found this product--Super Digestive Enzymes.

The recommended dose is 2 capsules after every meal. But in order to save some bucks, I would take one if my meal was not so heavy and 2 and when I attended a party. hehe

Anyway, how do I know it works? I experience a little discomfort and I know that it is because my digestive system is working. I can feel sensations in my stomach plus ?I burp and fart quite a lot I know theseare icky things but these are also necessary for our over all good health. So that is the downside especially if you are at the office or social gathering.

Aside from the major enzymes, this product also contains other enzymes like Papapin, Cellulase, Malt diastase, hemicellulase, beta gluconase, and phytase.

And the price is right, too. I also know of another brand, but it is very expensive. With GNC, the entire bottle of 90 caps is only $16 and has a 20% discount if you are a GNC Gold Card Member, of which I am.