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Super Fun With Super Paper Mario

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By mean_queen on
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Super Paper Mario is like the original Mario Brothers games with a role playing twist. You run through boards, jumping on goombas and the like, and collecting coins like in the original. But in this game, you also have a story line and tasks to follow. You start the game off as Mario, but by the end of the levels you will also control Princess Peach, Bowser, and Luigi. Each character has a special ability. Mario's ability is he can turn 3-D so you can see a whole new aspect to the game. I like this twist because it makes it much more challenging than simply jumping on the bad guys and collecting money. The Wii remote adds an even better twist to the game. When you jump on the bad guys, you can earn extra money by doing special tricks with the remote. There's also a special character helping Mario out that makes you use the remote kind of like a flash light. There's just so many different aspects to this game, it's hard to get bored. I've made it almost all the way through. I had to put it on hold because I played it so much I was getting callouses on my fingers. I think this is a good game for anyone who liked the original, but wants something a little different. My husband is a huge fan of the original and does not like the new game. My 8-year old loves the game and has no interest in the original. I'm a fan of both.