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Super Glove Good Protection For Larger Hands

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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This is a product similar to the Ove Glove. I think they are pretty much comparable, but they aren’t convenient if you have small hands. They really do protect from heat.

We have had an Ove Glove for about three years, and it is worn out. I don’t use it because it’s just plain too big, but the hubby likes to bake cookies and he also has sensitive hands. He loves this kind of product. He feels that he can’t hold on to a pot holder well enough to protect his hand, and also that they are too thin. On the other hand he says that quilted oven mitts are too bulky and he can’t tell what he’s holding on to.

So he bought himself a new one, and this is a different brand. This one is much better than the original Ove Glove, but it does look as if they have made some changes in their design too, since the one we own was purchased, so that the two items are very similar.

This House & Home Super Glove has a nice cuff that makes it stay on your hand a little better, and there are small strips of silicone on the surface so that items you grab don’t slip. There is no right or left, so you can use it on either hand. The package says that it protects to 480 degrees F. (The Ove Glove packaging says that theirs is good to 540 degrees). The protective material is Kevlar.

You can use these indoors or out, even to put wood on a fire. But you aren’t supposed to leave the glove in the flames. They aren’t totally fire proof! I guess they have to say that to protect themselves from people who want to try anything.

They are machine washable, and we did wash the old one once with no damage to it. But the truth is that these are going to get messy and stay messy unless you wash them often.

Now for the reason that I didn’t give it a perfect score. Protective equipment that does not fit properly is just as unsafe as no protection at all. This is one of my “soap boxes, ” and I won’t get on it for very long in this review, but these gloves are just too big for people with small hands. When I try to use them I can’t get a hold on the item I am trying to remove from the oven because the fingers are too long and too fat. This increases the danger that I might drop the pan, which might burn other parts of my body, or even melt the kitchen flooring. For this to get a perfect score from me they would need to make at least two, if not three, sizes.