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Super Mario 64 Ds

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By Judith DaSilva on
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This game is a clone of the N64 one, but has many more features. This time around there are a mini-game library that grow with every bunny caught. There are four different characters; they are Wario, Mario, Luigi, and Yoshi. And 30 more stars in this version of the game making there much more to do.


This game had great 3-D graphics for being one of the first DS games on the market with the DS's release. The graphics did have some glitches here and there, but that has to be expected a bit especially with a new system. Overall they are B+ graphics and look nice for this game.


I played this game side by side by my N64 version of Super Mario 64 and the music was the same, but this time round the sound had better quality. The music was much smoother and sounded great with a re-vamped version on the DS. To be living old memories from 6 years ago was great; especially to hear the same music.


This time instead of just using Mario you will have to use your wits and pick the right character for different stars or be forced to use hats to change your appearance and abilities. There are some puzzle solving to figure out how to get 1 or 2 stars for every map and it's fun to collect all 8 red coins again. The mini-games are a great addition adding more replay value to vamp up your scores and make them better to whoever you let play your game. With this game comes a very basic multiplayer mode. Although basic it would be nice to have a Mini-Game multiplayer, but there isn't.

Final Verdict: 4.8 I have to give this game overall about a 8.6. The multiplayer was very sloppy and thrown in last minute, but the mini-games were very good. Overall its a great game for any new DS users.