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Super Mario Bros. 3 For The Nes

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In the late 1980's, the Nintendo Entertainment System introduced the game "Super Mario Bros. 3". Now, I know that it may seem odd that I'm reviewing a game that is nearly 22 years old, but it is a game that impacted the lives of many kids and adults throughout the world. It is a foundation on which we base our video games on today. Personally, I purchased an NES just for this game (which, I still play believe it or not). If you are not familiar with SMB3, it is a side-scrolling 2d adventure game where you play as a plumber who tries to save the rulers of 7 kingdoms from the evil Bowser. Saying this out loud would sound ultra cheesy, but when the formula is actually put into gameplay, it is unbelievable. While playing this game, the first thing you will notice is that the graphics are incredible for the time period that it came out it. It still looks good as a 2d side-scroller in todays harsh and strict gaming society. Super Mario Bros. 3 might be the closest thing that you can get to a perfect adventure in the video game 2d world. Mario could already run, jump and duck through pipes in his previous games, but now he can fly (which was not too common for characters in the day)! The new abilities are balanced with exceptional level design and tight control which surely puts this game on my "Top Games of All Time" list. The game also has an amazing lasting appeal with secrets that can take you a long time to find. It surely took me a while to complete the game at a 100% standpoint. With this said, Super Mario Bros. 3 is a game that changed video game history by being a leader in the 2d market and being a fine stepping stone into the future market of gaming.