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Super Mario Bros For Nes

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This is best selling video game of all time bar none. It has sold forty million copies to date. Not only that Mario is a household name known the world over. This marked the beginning of many spinoffs and made Mario the official Nintendo mascot.

The basic premise of the game is to rescue Princess Toadstool who lies captured at level 8 but you must go through the first seven levels and rescue Toads. The game has a time limit and has powerups such as a mushroom, a fireflower, a star and a 1-up mushroom. The game also has a wide assortment of enemies ranging from the goomba to koopa troopas to bullet bills. The game has plenty of variety in terms of stages but very little in terms of the stages where you fight Bowser. Sure it gets harder but how many times would you hear the Toad telling you that the princess is in another castle? It gets old after some time.

The enemies are fairly easy to beat since they do not have very good AI however, some stages are tricky due to the obstacles and layout of the stages. Some stages have wide gaps you have to jump. Some have flocks of enemies running at you.

In the end you will be rewarded by playing a harder version of the game where enemies become faster and some enemies would be replaced by tougher ones. However if you decide to take it the easy way, warp zones are there to make things easy for you.

The game is and was a true classic in every sense of the word. It was fun and innovative. It fostered the growth of sidescrolling adventures. Not only that it was a treat for kids and adults alike.It was a game ahead of its time.