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Super Mario Bros For The Wii

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Stephanie Mason By Stephanie Mason on
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When this game came out last month, I knew this was something I needed to get. Unfortunatly I was threatened by family members that if I bought this game then they wouldd kick my behind. Why you ask...? Well Christmas was right around the corner and someone wanted to buy it for me. So, I did the right thing, and held off on buying it but begged my sister to let me borrow it. She did and I immediatly fell in love with the game and played it for hours on end until it was time to give it back.

Super Mario Bros for the WII is just like the old version for the Super Nintendo but there are more levels and new functions. For instance, instead of being able to play with just two people while taking turns you can now play with four players all at once. You can use your teammates to jump, fly, leap, and even make them die. The only problem that I see with this is that it makes it hard to continue to the next screen because you have to wait for your teammates to also come with you. If you don't then they die or worse off, you all die.

Super Mario Bro WII also has the older suits to help you fight enemies but also newer versions of the old suits that you used to be ble to use. For example, you used to fly but now there is a hat with propellers on the top. The newer suit is a penguin suit that allows you to slide on your belly for hard to reach places. This suit also allows you to shoot fire balls. The other suit is the fire and ice suits. The fire suits work just like the old version except you get coins on some enemies. The ice suit allows you to fire ice at enemies and sometimes you can use them diversions to help you fight other enemies.

One last thing about this game is that the old houses that give you prizes has been updated. You still get things like fire and ice power, mushrooms to get bigger, and penguins suites, but there are some reward houses that give you extra men. There is also a place where you can spend your coins to get hints on how to complete a level that you are having problems with.

All in all, I found this game is very fun but also very frusterating because it is a lot harder than the older version as you prgress through each level but I would definitly reccomend this game to anyone. It is rated "E": for Everyone and does not have a lot of violence if any so it is safe for children.