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Super Mario Galaxy Best Wii Game By Far

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harleyquinn By harleyquinn on
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Super Mario Galaxy was recently awarded Game of the Year by www.ign.com (a premiere entertainment website), and let me tell you, it earned it.

Super Mario Galaxy is the best game I've played for the Wii (I've played about 30-35). The levels are innovative and entertaining. The game keeps you playing with the ability to earn up to 120 stars by completing various different worlds. Some stars are easy to get and some will make you want to chuck your wiimote at the TV. But, fear not, you don't need them all to complete the game's storyline.

The game lets you play with various different special abilities for Mario. With Bee Mario, you are not only adorably fuzzy, but you can fly for short distances. Boo Mario turns you into a ghost allowing you to turn invisible to pass through objects. Plus all of Mario's moves from Super Mario 64 are present.

The thing that excites me more about this game than anything else is the fact that I know so many children will be discovering the love of Mario that I did when I was their age. This game is great for ages 6+ (though it may be difficult for the youngest gamers). And don't count the adults out either! Super Mario Galaxy is a game to be enjoyed by all ages.