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Super Mario Galaxy For The Nintendo Wii

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Super Mario Galaxy is a game that Wii owners have been waiting for. If you enjoy action/adventure games then this game is sure to please. The game is polished to a fine shine and well worth your money.


The Graphics are VERY impressive for the Wii - maybe the best yet! On the technical side everything runs very smoothly. You can play this game on Widescreen at 480p. Art design wise the worlds are very colorful and diverse. There are a variety of stages and planets to play through. Character models are well animated and move through the world gracefully. It's like watching a well animated cartoon.


The gameplay is fairly accessible. You can beat the game without accomplishing everything pretty easily. If you are a completist then the game difficult does ramp up quite a bit! Offering challenges for novice and pro players. Mario has tons of different movements and you can pull each off effortlessly with a bit of practice. The game introduces new gameplay elements frequently in the form of puzzles and different suits for mario. Examples include a bee suit that lets Mario fly and an ice suit that allows Mario to walk on water. This keeps things fresh and exciting. I didn't find that this game wore it's welcome like many other games tend to do.


The gameplay sounds are spot on and couldn't be much better. The music is very theatrical and fits the universe nicely. It just plain couldn't be much better.


Replayability is low, but the length makes up for it. With tons of diverse worlds and even a secret that will extend gameplay after beating the game - this one is sure to take a while. I'd estimate around 30 to 40 hours to complete everything available.


The multiplayer in this game is scarce. The second player can do very limited actions and may get bored easily. They can pick up items and shoot stars for the player using Mario. This feature may only be good if someone is watching you play the game and wants a little interactivity.

Overall it is one of the best purchases you can make for the Wii right now. You really get a great bang for your buck because of the amount of gameplay you will recieve from this title!