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Super Mario Galaxy For Wii

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By pc200x on
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Super Mario Galaxy is our pudgy little plumbing hero's third 3D outing since his 3D debut on the N64 classic Super Mario 64, and once again, he pushes the boundaries of platforming games.

Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach! ...again. This time, however, he's taking her somewhere new: outer space. Mario rushes off to save her, but along the way, finds himself blasted into the farthest recesses of space. Now, he must navigate the universe in search of power stars that he can use to find his way to Bowser and the Princess. Sure, it's the same old formula with a fresh coat of paint, but a fresh coat of paint can make something look REALLY good.

And this game certainly does, pushing the limits of the Wii's capabilities to make a just plain beautiful game. The starry vastness of space comes across beautifully, with swirling colors and stars whizzing by, sparkles behind them. Simply put, the game looks gorgeous.

Of course, what makes 3D Mario games so great are the platforming elements, and this game is no exception. Mario basically has the same moves as past games, but this time around you have to use the Wii remote and nunchuck (which is a lot easier than it looks). You'll find yourself hopping from planet to planet, gravity constantly having you going every which way, which leads to some very interesting and exhilarating platforming.

Along your journey, you'll travel to different galaxies (just like paintings in 64 and the levels in Sunshine), searching for power stars. Complete a mission, get a star. You know the drill. You'll also meet several interesting characters along the way, from the Toad Crew to Luigi to the mysterious Princess Rosalina.

Mario Galaxy is, plain and simple, a masterpiece of gaming. As a platformer fan, this is one of my personal favorites of all time, and I can't imagine how they plan on topping this game in the future. Though knowing Nintendo, I'm sure they'll find a way. It's magic.