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Super Mario Galaxy Is Outta This World! Pun!

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By tpino84 on
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Your typical story: Princess Peach is having a good 'ole time. Enter Bowser. Everything is ruined and Princess Peach is YET again kidnapped. No shock there, right? This time he takes her to SPACE! Didn't see that one comin, did ya Mario?? It is your mission to collect 120 stars and kick the crap out of Bowser and get Peach back. Simple, eh?

The game works like Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine: Get 120 stars & defeat Bowser. This game is nothing like Sunshine, don't worry :) Here's some good news, though. The game is a mix of Mario 64 and Super Mario Bros 3. It's just THAT good!

Use of the Wii Remote/Nunchuk are just perfect. I never had a problem controlling Mario, as everything just felt right. This is the first thing you MUST notice when playing a Wii game. If the controls just aren't there, you have a failure. The controls are a winner, now continue.

The graphics & sound are quite impressive. You should know by now that the Wii is NOT a graphics powerhouse like the Xbox360 or PS3. This does NOT mean the Wii ISN'T capabale of producing a beautiful game. Super Mairo Galaxy is a beautiful game, hands down.

Without giving away too much about the game, one of my favorite features in this game is the return of the costumes. Remember the costumes? Get a flower, shoot some fireballs. Get a leaf, grow a racoon tail. Remember? Well, they are back. Well, not THOSE costumes..but new costumes! There's so much Super Mario Bros 3 feel to this game, it's amazing.

The game is really easy at first. REALLY easy. But as you progress the game turns around and starts whooping you, so you will be playing this for awhile. Once you collect 120 stars, something happens..and well.. you can collect 120 stars again for something special ;) I will not state what happens, you need to find out for yourself.

Overall, this is a must have for Wii owners everywhere. The game is pure fun and it's a great example of why Mario has the BEST games out there. This is my 2007 Game of the Year, without a doubt.